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Our founder and wedding stylist extraordinare Hayley

Hayley Clements

Hayley Clements is the creative force behind Starry Eyed Weddings.  With a genuine LOVE of weddings, she brings her 20 years experience in the fashion industry and a multitude of travel and cultural inspiration when thinking of new ideas and concepts.  From the fairy light adorned beaches of Thailand to the souks of Marrakech, Hayley draws on the imaginative and exciting elements of visual display and design.


Having worked closely with lots of lovely couples, helping to create and style their big day, Hayley carefully researches and plans every aspect of the overall vision of your event.  

From initial mood boards and sketches and big impact wedding banners and installations, right down to the intricate details of handwritten signage, place names and table plans, Hayley ensures every important aspect is carefully considered and is cohesive within the event design and theme.

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Sacha Towler

We are very lucky to have the immensely talented wedding florist, Sacha Towler, working alongside our creative vision. From buttonholes and bridal bouquets to giant floral installations, Sacha creates wonderful colour combinations that always delight our couples.

Sacha has over 25 years experience and continues to dazzle us and our brides with her superb knowledge of flowers and her interpretation of imaginative floristry.

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Kevin Speck

Kevin joined us last summer and we couldn't do what we do without him. He helps us get to our venues on time, navigates the van through floods and bumper to bumper traffic. An expert in loading and packing, means we have every last bit of kit we need and arrive on location ready for action!


Always offering practical and creative solutions to any problems that may crop up, Kevin is our all round handy man and helps our crazy ideas come to fruition. He is most at home at the top of very high ladders, usually putting up multiple sets of festoon lights and creating foliage installations!

Bruce Clements

Last but by no means least! Hayley's husband Bruce has been and continues to be a huge support to Starry Eyed Weddings. Armed with a jigsaw and making ANYTHING out of MDF, Bruce is often handed the really unenviable tasks! 

From filling pots with concrete, clamping wooden stands together, untangling miles of lights, to maintaining our props collection. Bruce also helps with set ups, deliveries and collections throughout peak wedding season.


His unwavering encouragement and practical help behind the scenes is a godsend!


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