Terms and Conditions

Hello, and thank you for reading-

before we take any booking we will ask you to confirm you have read our terms & conditions by email.

When booking your event, we require a 20% non refundable booking fee to save the date-this is not a deposit for any other date should you cancel/change but confirms your date is saved. The remaining monies are due 4 weeks before your event.

 Should you need to change your date, we will do our best to accommodate you but this is at our discretion and we do not guarantee it & do not refund if we are already booked & cannot re-book you-any new date is treated as a new booking.

If you cancel within 14 days of paying your booking fee, we will refund you. After this time we charge a cancellation fee of the 20% which covers our time and effort organising & designing your event and loss of earnings from booking a new event. Should you cancel after paying the remainder of the costs of your event (i.e within 4 weeks of the day) we charge 50% of the total paid, this is to cover our time, effort and loss from liaising with a venue, cost of items purchased and loss of potential earnings from any new event.

Please see here for legal details re changing your mind.

Any props you may already have that you wish us to use in your decor is to be delivered to the venue before we have access so that we have time to set up-we will clear away your items but collection needs to be arranged prior to your event.

Our styling packages do not include table linen unless otherwise stated-please let us know if you are hiring linen and who is responsible for returning it.

Any questions please do ask, it's not often this occurs but best to be aware.

or chat to Hayley on 07738 156614


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