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Lovely bride Laura wears her Mum's dress from 1974!

Back on Tuesday August 25th August 2020, Laura and Chris finally got married. They postponed their original June date, but quickly opted to tie the knot while 30 guests were the allowed number.

The big influence for the flowers and styling was Laura's vintage dress. Not just a chance purchase but her mum's treasured heirloom which she wore in 1974.

Suzanne Harrington worked with Laura to make some very delicate tweaks to the original design. The addition of some subtle pearl buttons worked beautifully with a pearl-studded veil.

We opted for a 70s-inspired palette of warm brown tones with rich creams and soft nudes, punctuated with a deep apricot.

Dried and fresh elements combined within the bouquets, bleached leather leaf, rippled celosia, roses, chrysanthemum, scabia and eucalyptus.

Our newly-weds toured Walthamstow Village, visiting three venues. The ceremony was at Vestry House and Gardens -, then on to The Castle the wedding breakfast which was created by Polly & Emily at Whambamfrangipan then later on to Orford House drinks in the marquee. It looks like they had a blast and we were delighted that they made the restrictions work for them. They managed to create a beautifully intimate wedding with their nearest and dearest. They hope to throw a big party next summer to get everyone together at Orford House.

We thank our couple sincerely for getting us back to work and letting us be part of their very special day!

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