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about us

Your Wedding Styling Team

The excitement and the build up to your wedding, whether small or large,
is where the big thrill is for us.


We are a group of dedicated individuals committed to exceeding expectations of every event we design.

As a company, we are always striving to improve our practises and lessen our environmental impact, too.

We are passionate about sustainability and constantly looking for ways to reduce waste

and re-purpose materials. 

Understanding the client and what lies at the heart of the wedding or event, our founder, Hayley Clements, creatively directs every concept. Employing experimental designs and with impeccable attention to detail,

Hayley is able to craft an overall look that is unique and imaginative.

Our experience, knowledge, and passion make us unique. We always aim to create

an unforgettable experience for each and every one of our clients.

Hayley Clemens Creating Wedding Flower Installation.jpg

Hayley Clements

​Hayley Clements is the creative force behind Starry Eyed Weddings.


With a genuine LOVE of weddings, she brings her 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and a multitude of travel and cultural inspirations when thinking of new ideas and concepts.  From the fairy light-adorned beaches of Thailand to the souks of Marrakech, Hayley draws on the imaginative and exciting elements of visual display and design.

Hayley is a visionary who takes a thorough approach to researching and capturing every detail of your event. From the initial mood board and sketches to the finishing touches, Hayley pays close attention to each element to create an undeniably ethereal setting. 

More about the gang...

We are extremely fortunate to have a wonderful team of florists and display technicians

who bring our vision to life. They know how to problem solve in the moment

and are up to date with the latest tips, tricks and techniques.

With a wealth of experience and a never-ending supply of enthusiasm and stamina,

we know we simply could not do what we do without them.

When we are on-site, it is of course a huge team effort. Each one of us has an important role to play.

From unloading the van to organising the stock by area and starting to prep the big impact areas,

we work relentlessly until we can see the look we have promised our clients come together. When we are delighted with our creations, we sweep up and make sure everything is tidy and organised for the next day. 


our florists

Chloe, Kate, Eilish, Emma and Kimberly:

a cheery, cheeky and talented bunch!

They are creative and imaginative at all times. 

our technicians

Sian, Justine and Tracey:  our three superwomen have extensive visual display experience from Liberty, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. They are unfazed by extremely tall ladders and high ceilings. They allow us to push creative boundaries and achieve bigger, better and bolder installations.

Lucy & Emily Colour-79sml.jpg

In order to deliver a high standard of event design, we need hours of labour-intensive prep.

We carry this out at our little barn in High Ongar, the day before decorating at your venue.


This means that when we arrive on-site, our flowers are prepped,

table decorations are already in vases; bottles and everything else have been packed with precision. 

The van is crammed full of all the equipment needed to exceed expectations.

Our team is key to our success, throughout prep and on-the-day support.

We pay them a realistic salary, valuing their skills, experience, knowledge and dedication.

This cost is reflected in the labour section of our quotes.


Reuse, Re-purpose and  Recycle

Each season, we strive to enhance our methods, minimise our waste, boost our sustainability, and find new purposes for all that we can.

How do we do this?

EMBRACING THE SEASONS...we use seasonal flowers!

A garden-led approach creates a unique floral theme that works harmoniously with your wedding date. Buying flowers spontaneously maximises flexibility and provides more blooms for your budget., some elements can be deconstructed. Meadow bases, antique pots or any mobile items can be transferred to your reception space. Use floral-filled pots to liven up the bar area. Meadow bases can be placed at the end of long table runs and bouquets can be popped into vases and used in cosy corners, by the cake or on the gift table.

At the end of the wedding, we encourage our couples to gift guests with flowers. If anything is left for us to collect, we compost or hang up to dry for the autumn.

GOING GREEN...another great option is plants.

Seasonal plants and herbs in lime-washed pots work beautifully along aisles and can be easily re-purposed as table centres. Afterwards, place them on your patio or plant them in your garden as a living memento of the day!

Additionally to all of this, we have a large barn full of upcycled collected antique props. We maintain these and reuse them every season. From faded rugs, vintage trays, stone urns, collected crystal, brass candlesticks, and wooden and copper frames to fabric and fairy lights; we avoid flash fads and single-use purchases.

Throughout each year we will continue on this important journey.

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