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Why do I need a wedding decorator and florist?

With the world as it is right now, we are experiencing an increase in clients wanting to create an escape from the everyday; to transport their guests into a magical wonderland, allowing them to fully embrace the celebration. The more beautiful the venue looks, the more fabulous the party is!

What does styling a wedding venue involve?

We can completely take the stress and worry out of the run up to your wedding. We decorate and dress your venue with large and small items, from rustic ceremony frames and festoon lights to table runners, lanterns and vintage bottles for flowers. This means we are the ones working hard, going up ladders and getting dirty - not you. We then return after your event to take it all down, so you don't have to. This leaves you, your family and friends free to slip off for a pre- or post- celebratory brunch or lunch, knowing that your venue is being taken care of.

Do I really need wedding flowers? They are so expensive!

We would always advise in favour of fresh flowers and foliage. The effect and fragrance really make a wedding. We buy our flowers from the market 1-2 days before your event. We select the very best seasonal flowers that are available at the time of your wedding. This guarantees the most authentic combinations and ultimately gives you the biggest bang for your buck!

What if I can't visualise what I need in my venue?

Don't worry, we have endless ideas and solutions for unusual layouts or tricky spaces. We will meet you at your wedding venue and provide you with a mood board and sketch of our ideas.

What if I want to make my place names and have some involvement in my event?

Sure! We work with lots of couples who want to make bits and pieces or have some sentimental items they want us to include. Simply tell us about it and leave the items in an agreed space with our name on it. We will deal with it and package it up carefully after your event.

I have no idea how much this will cost. can I afford it?

We want to create amazing set-ups. We want you, the couple, to be overjoyed with the end result and we want to be proud of it. Delivering large-scale, creative schemes is what we do. This takes lots of flowers and foliage, an ample selection from our props barn (curated and collected over 5 years), and, most importantly a skilled and experienced team to pull it all together. This is reflected in our quotes, where you will see everything from buttonhole prices, to how much fuel we need to get to and from your venue. Based on 80 guests in an Essex venue, with a full service from us, such as welcome signage, place settings, bridal party flowers, ceremony set-up, reception decorations , installation and take- down, our pricing starts from £5,000.

How do I pay for your wedding styling services?

We split the total amount into 3 sections. In order to secure the date we require a 20% booking fee. The remaining amounts are due 4 months and 1 month prior to your event.

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