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Hello, and thank you for reading. Before we take any booking we will ask you to confirm you have read our terms & conditions by email and via post in the SAE provided.


  • When booking your event, we require a 20% non-refundable booking fee to save the date. This is not a deposit for any other date should you cancel/change, but confirms your date is saved.

  • The remaining balance is divided equally into two payments, due 4 months and 1 month respectively before your event.

  • We accept payments via bank transfer. Our account details can be found on your quote and booking form.

  • Should you need to change your date, we will do our best to accommodate you, but this is at our discretion and we do not guarantee it. We do not refund if we are unable to offer an alternative date.

  • In the event of a cancellation over 14 days since paying your booking fee, we charge a cancellation fee of the 20% already paid, which covers the time and expense already spent working on the booking.

  • If we do not receive your 2nd and 3rd payments on time, we will issue a reminder email and any balance owed should be paid. Late payment of your final balance may result in termination of your contract.

  • If you cancel within 4 weeks of your event we charge 50% of the total paid. This is to cover our time, effort and loss from liaising with a venue, cost of items purchased and loss of potential earnings from any new event.

  • The right to cancel

Under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, you may cancel your booking within 14 days of the date the booking is confirmed and receive a full refund. Please note that if you agree in writing that we should undertake any work on your behalf before the end of the cancellation period, then, even if you cancel your agreement with us you may still be required to pay for services supplied before the cancellation date.

I also attach a ‘Notice of Right to Cancel’ document.

  • Duty of care: we aim to provide our services with reasonable care and skill. We limit our liability to you for any losses to a maximum of the total amount paid by you, the client for our services.

  • Force majeure: we will endeavor to reschedule your postponed event. This must be scheduled within 12 months of your original date. We do not accept any liability for losses or damages suffered as a result of the booking being cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.  If you are unable to reschedule within 12 months, please discuss this with us as soon as possible. This will be subject to a potential price increase.

If cancelled outside of 12 months, we would refund, minus costs incurred/ work completed.


  1. We plan the decorating of your venue very carefully. Meeting and talking with you, the client, establishes the theme and colours of your event.

  2. A mood board for your event will be created and emailed to you, then discussed/tweaked as per your comments.

  3. We will conduct a site visit to clearly discuss with you how the day will flow and the key areas we will decorate. This will be within a reasonable radius; venues over 30 miles will be discussed and may be subject to additional charges to cover fuel/time.

  4. We will list the types of items we will use and the general style. We will discuss this with you to confirm a final selection.


  1. What time can we gain access to the venue?

  2. What are our collection restrictions? E.G: Is it same night collection or the next day?

  3. Who is setting out tables and chairs, and when?

  4. Who is responsible for providing table linen, crockery, cutlery, glasses, and when?

  5. Who is setting the tables, and when?

  6. What condition will the room be in when we are decorating? E.G: We need as much room to decorate as possible; we need to easily move a ladder around if we are putting up lighting or any ceiling decorations. Tables (if already in the venue) must be pushed aside and cleared, with no crockery/cutlery etc stacked on top.

  7. If you the client have items for us to place on tables or anywhere else in the venue, these MUST be discussed 2 weeks before the event, as this needs to be added to our schedule.  The items must be left for us in an agreed area, clearly marked with accompanying notes/instructions.

  8. Table plans/place names/ order of the day. If we are designing these items we  MUST have these via email 2 weeks before the event.

  9. Any table plans that we have not designed must be sent to us via email 1 week before the wedding.  Table plans MUST be clearly typed using the guests' real names and no nicknames, as this causes confusion. This confusion could cost valuable time and effect the overall look of your venue.

  10. If we are providing your event flowers/bridal party flowers, we will be purchasing these 1-2 days before your event. Therefore, we can tweak colours and types of flowers.  We use seasonal flowers and cannot guarantee specific types of flowers unless pre-agreed and pre- ordered. Pre-ordered/unusual or exotic flowers must be discussed 6 weeks prior to event date.

  11. FOR ON THE DAY SET-UPS: We need contacts. Please give us details of a key member of the bridal party who is responsible for informing us of where the guests and bridal party are – E.G: when leaving the ceremony venue to arrive at the reception venue. We do not want to be seen with ladders, boxes, or anything untidy as guests start to arrive.

  12. When leaving items you the client have purchased for your wedding, please inform us where you will be leaving them, instructions where items are going and how you will be collecting these items and where we should leave them.

  13. We are as flexible as we can possibly be on the run-up to your wedding. We will send items to print (table plans) during the last week to 10 days before your wedding. However, if the items are already printed and we do not have enough time to re-print, we will need to use the existing plan. We will do everything in our power to accommodate your changes.

We have a contractual right to make decisions for both creative and health and safety reasons. On the day we may not be able to directly contact you for a decision. 

Our best events occur where we have creative freedom.  When the client trusts us to complete the look of the venue to the best of our ability, we achieve the best results.  If we do not use every prop listed or replace an item with something we feel is a better fit, this is a creative decision and not in any way a lack of service.


We offer ‘on the day’ decorating.   This usually means we are working to a very tight schedule.  The tasks we undertake must be clearly listed and agreed.  Please refer to the checklist in section 2A.


In order to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, we will not share photos where your guests are clearly identifiable. However, Instagram, Facebook,  wedding blogs and our own website are great ways for us to promote our services.  Can you please let us know if you are happy or unhappy for us to use snaps/imagery from your event.

I/we are happy for Starry Eyed weddings to post photos of us, the client, on social media platforms. (please tick box).

With regard to blogs, we will seek your approval on a separate email request.



As the designer and key stylist of your event, I, ( Hayley Clements) would usually be present during the decoration process. However, if for any reason I was unable to attend, my colleagues who work with me on a regular basis would receive detailed instructions and would complete the service.

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