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I'm Not Here To Make Friends with Sam Smith

Back in December, we had the absolute privilege of creating some large scale, lavish displays and installations for the music video of 'I'm Not Here to Make Friends'.

The venue was the incredibly grand Ashridge House, situated in Hertfordshire. Our mission was to add fresh blooms to the main staircase scene and the the boudoir-inspired chandelier scene.

For the staircase scene, we opted for vivid and vibrant hot pink tones, blousey reflexed roses, tall and very glamorous fuchsia orchids and wild deep green foliage.

We constructed them in antique ornate urns which were placed on gilt tables either side of the staircase.

Our second project was something much softer and romantic. Frothy hydrangeas, delicate delphiniums and blush roses filled oversized glass conical vases. We used cascading pink amaranthus to add some extravagance to the displays. Please click on the link to see a the videos of how we got on...

With thanks to our incredible team and of course the army of creatives that were directing, designing, producing, set building, dancing, filming and costume designing...

And of course Sam Smith.

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