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This weekend we joined some incredible suppliers at The Events Under Canvas Showcase.

We created a 'colour drift' installation. This was suspended above the top table and mirrored in the 'growing' meadow base placed in front of the top table. Wild berries moved into deep raspberry, dusky pink blurred through to neutrals and dried stems. We layered on a dramatic candle assortment which sat amongst red and green garden apples. The fresh dahlias, amaranthus and flamingo celosia were cut fresh from Vicki at her flower farm on Wednesday - Ivy Primrose Flowers - .

More about that in the next post!

A brand new triple hoop foliage chandelier was suspended in one 'hat', along with a trailing meadow ball with cascading flame-coloured Virginia Creeper in the other 'hat'.

Thank you to our amazing team for their unwavering skills with set-up, chatting to couples and a big take-down. Also, to Nicki who manages the show and of course to everyone at Events Under Canvas for having us and their continued support. It means the world to us!

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